A Practice in Soft, Self Inspection

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allie is the stage name of Nashville based indie singer-songwriter Allie Cuva who’s now been putting out music through this solo project going back to 2020’s Junior Coder’s Experiment debut EP.

allie’s sound may best be described as a mellow, guitar melody-heavy string of longing ballads and confessionals. Going back to their first EP and singles to the most recent debut full-length (16-track!) album maybe next time we can see common themes interconnected. Identity, the future, questioning and longing all wrapped in a soothing repetition of melancholy guitar and a soft, raw crooning voice.

The vocal talent at times is overshadowed by the guitar melody and lyrics, but the true grace of allie’s vocals is best demonstrated in the extra-stripped down acoustic track “first time (memo)” off the LP.

And if you want the live experience, check out this great version of “Let Me”

allie is signed to Other People Records, and their most recent release double “cast iron” and “infinite jesters” is out now.

Best Song:

“face” From maybe next time

Honorable Mentions:

“Let Me” From Junior Coder’s Experiment

“first time (memo)” From maybe next time

Best Lyric:

“I changed my face still I couldn’t erase it” – From “face”

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