The Next Indie Pop Darling?

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If the definition of indie pop these days is a pop song sensibility performed on real instruments, then call BLOXX one of the best up and coming indie pop bands running. Lead singer Fee Booth’s voice is certainly the central figure in BLOXX’s sound, but the band finds a way to build around her talents to create sonically pleasing pop melodies and rhythms; songs you genuinely want to sing along with, even if you can’t match the talented voice of Ms. Booth.

BLOXX’s best songs seem to follow the typical pop song formula, with driving guitars and deliberate drum fills. Sometimes jangly, sometimes bouncy guitar riffs layer over the top, but the vocals and lyrics are what turn the songs from pleasingly average pop concoctions to impressively jammable songs. 

The more I listen to BLOXX’s current discography (roughly a dozen singles and EPs along with a 2020 full length) the more I struggle to find any faults. I like almost all their songs, a lot actually, and an afternoon listening to BLOXX can be a perfect soundtrack to just about anything. Exciting to see what more this group has to offer and whether they catch the mainstream they seem destined to break into. 

Best Song:

“You” (single)

Honorable Mentions:

“Sea Blue” (single)

“Coming Up Short” From Lie Out Loud

Best Lyric:

“I think I need to let it die, but I’ll wait for you” – from “Sea Blue”

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