Full Colour

A New, But Not Raw Sound

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Full Colour are a UK-based indie rock band who just started releasing original music in 2019 with their debut single “Miles Apart” and their two follow-up singles “Times Change” and “Butterfly Brain” in 2020. They’re also scheduled live concerts in their native UK supporting DREAMERS and The Night Café early next year, which should be a good indicator for the type of music these gentlemen produce, and certainly where they could be headed.

Although we have a small supply of released original songs from this group so far, the production value on each track is surprisingly very well polished for such a new band. Their sound is very guitar heavy, built on driving drums, but smooth vocals help to tie the songs together into a cohesive and pop-adjacent song-writing. Not entirely dissimilar from Sex-era The 1975, or the more current comparison of a band like Paris Youth Foundation. 

I really like their sound, though. There’s so many UK bands in this type of garage-pop alt genre today, so it’s hard to differentiate which groups seem to have the most potential. Bands I really liked and thought could go far like Para Alta and Basement Club called it quits before they put out more than an album so it’s hard to predict which bands will really break through, but I’m hoping that as Full Colour receives more exposure and matures their overall sound they will be one of the bands of this era that begin to stick out soon. Listen to their stuff and let us know if you agree. 

Best Song:

“Miles Apart” (Single) 

Honorable Mentions:

“Times Change” (Single)

Butterfly Brain” (Single)

Ok there’s not a lot to choose from yet…

Best Lyric:

“Times change, I’m leaving the city, I’m wondering if you’ll miss me” – From “Times Change”

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