Kitschen Boy

Somewhere Between Shoegaze and Punk

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One of favorite band names that I’ve recently seen, Kitschen Boy are a rowdy 4 piece from Melbourne, Australia that have a unique mix of driving energy and the shoegaze guitar aesthetic. Of the songs they’ve released so far, they all stand out for different reasons. Earlier tracks “Better Than This” and “Charlie Don’t Party” showed off the jangly and sometimes fuzzy guitar stroking with lyrical themes about abusive relationships and social anxiety. 

Later singles released in 2020, “ARF” and “It Picks Up” have a little more slower build and more upbeat sounds and themes, but still hold to the sound the band are built around. No-nonsense drumming that builds throughout the song, overlaid with ripping bass lines, and lead and rhythm guitar parts that bounce off each other, all brought together with a distinct vocal style.  

With just 5 singles released so far, you’re catching this band certainly in the early days of their coming out party. Already with a clear following online, mostly from their native land, expect more songs to come in 2022 which will hopefully spread them intercontinentally through the indie music scene. 

Best Song:

“ARF” (Single)

Honorable Mentions:

“Life in Lo-Fi” (single)

“Better Than This” (single)

Best Lyric:

“I struggle interacting off my phone, Never make good on plans, I postpone, I’ll probably break everything I own, But I think that it’s gonna be alright” – from “Life in Lo-Fi”

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