Mad Honey

Okie Dream Pop

If you’ve ever been to Oklahoma you know a couple of things: 1.) it sucks, and 2.) you can’t wait to leave lest you be robbed by Native American highwaymen whilst trying to traverse through the wilderness surrounding, and that is, Tulsa.

However, there is a secret third thing that you may not know about Oklahoma. It’s the crucible which has forged the fivesome Mad Honey, creators of some of the more intriguing dream pop available on supermarket shelves these days.

They have released 8 singles thus far that can be streamed on Spotify and Apple Music. Their debut LP Satellite Aphrodite is set to release September 22, 2023. You can pre-order here.

Mad Honey boast a consistent shoegaze fuzz, echo, and weight matched with a more distinct groove present on several tracks such as “She’s an Angel” a single from 2020, and a breezier example of their sound and penchant for higher quality production value that may sway someone from describing them as shoegaze in exchange for the “dream pop” moniker, in their following single 2021’s “Good Grief.”

More recent tracks in advance of their 2023 debut, include the single “Fold” which at times leans a bit more pop and a little less dream, but still revolves around a fuzzy hook and echoed vocals, the signature style consistent through the band discography thus far.

And in case you needed more reasons to like this band, despite being from the Sooner state, their top 5 listener locations are spread across Indonesia, Thailand, and oddly enough Turkey. Why…I couldn’t tell ya.

Best Song:

“Good Grief”

Honorable Mentions:

“She’s an Angel”

“Blue & You”

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