Catchy, Electronic Indie Pop Sitting Just Under the Radar

NYC-based group Rebounder are already chock full of indie pop songs filled with tight, grooving beats, effusive lyrics, sharp guitars and a nostalgia for an earlier era of indie, inspired equally by early 2010s indie and 80s/90s alternative.

October of last year saw their most recent release, a single entitled “Factoury Girl” (curious spelling by the way). A cooler, very beat-driven song evoking a feeling of longing. Many of Rebounder’s best tracks have similarly literate lyric writing, creating some sensical and more evocative songs with very pop-style.

Best Song:

“Japanese Posters” From Subway Songs EP

Honorable Mentions:

“Slow Angel” From Subway Songs EP

“Factoury Girl” (Single)

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