Sincere Engineer

Raucous Punk Wrapped in Catchy Hooks

Deanna Belos is the Christian name of Sincere Engineer’s frontwoman and really the artist herself. Since the mid-2010s Sincere Engineer has been her vehicle for an emo-drenched, strained voice punk style.

But despite on the surface appearing to appeal only to fans of the emo or punk genre, Sincere Engineer possess a deceptively broad accessibility via an overlay of ear-catching guitar hooks and rhythm section fills, plus a blend of evocative, fun, and relatable lyrics.

It doesn’t take a long jaunt through their discography to get this idea. 2017’s debut full length Rhombithian (what that means, I have no clue) is an appropriate introduction to some of Belos’s best songwriting. Lead track “Corn Dog Sonnet No. 7” leaves no imagination to the emo-ness that this album has in store. Standout “Overbite” is an excellent example of a hook filled chorus, great drumming, and Belos’s narrative storytelling style.

In 2021 Sincere Engineer released their second full length, entitled Bless My Psyche which included previous singles and honestly straight-up bangers “Trust Me,” “Tourniquet,” and “Coming in Last” the latter of which is my personal favorite from this album. There’s a perfect bridge in this song and a ton of great energy in this song.

The band is on tour this summer and will be at Riot Fest in Chicago the weekend of September 16.

Best Song:

“Overbite” From Rhombithian

Honorable Mentions:

“Coming in Last” From Bless My Psyche

“Out of Reach” From Bless My Psyche

“Trust Me” From Bless My Psyche

Best Lyric:

“I’ve got my fingers crossed, and I’ve got my lucky charms, and I’m counting exit signs like they’re my lucky stars” From “Coming in Last”

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