Stay Lunar

Dreamy Vibe Music

Bristol, UK’s Stay Lunar formed in 2019, and since have produced some of the more energizing indie-pop in recent memory. Their sound is a vibe-laden exploration of classic power-pop stylings mixed with the nouveau spaciousness of the current bedroom-pop artists and quasi neo-shoegaze sound that comes with it.

In 2022 they released a 5-song EP Every Cloud which exemplifies their combination of tight rhythms, real drums, and ethereal, echoing vocals.

So far this year, they’ve followed up with 3 new singles “I Like It When You’re Around” “Distance” and “Before You Go”, all impressive additions to their growing discography, which will culminate in another EP release upcoming. July 5th will see the release of “when the sun sets”.

Best Song:

“Dreaming That I’m Not In Love” Single

Honorable Mentions:

“Distance” Single

“Anywhere/Everywhere” From Every Cloud

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