The Estevans

Bouncy Guitar Riffs and Fun British Alt Sound

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There’s some bands that when you first hear them, you just know they’d be an awesome live band. The Estevans are one of those exact bands that you can picture just destroying the stage during a live set.

Their sound consists of both shredding and bouncing guitar riffs, deliberate, but nearly out of control bass and drums, reminiscent of early Arctic Monkeys or The Libertines. And similar to those influences, The Estevans show a talent for weaving in catchy hooks and choruses to tie together their frantic sound.  

So far they only have 4 recorded singles released, so the rest of this blog is going to be relatively short. 2018’s “2 Minutes from the Lincoln” is the best introduction to this band, but more follow-up singles “Gotta Know You” and their most recent drop in 2021, “Cecily’s Cage” are my personal favorites. 

The lads just finished up a UK tour and have noted they will be taking some time to write and record more new material.

Waiting to hear a lot more from this group and be sure to be on watch for more new releases and hopefully even an EP release in the coming year.

Best Song:

“Gotta Know You” (Single) 

Honorable Mentions:

“Cecily’s Cage” (Single)

Best Lyric:

“I gotta know you, I gotta know now, if it makes you smile when I’m around” From “Gotta Know You”

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