The Monday Night Club

Bluesy, Moody Indie Rock with a Serious Cutting Edge

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There’s something special about the sound that The Monday Night Club create. The composition of most of their songs sounds like as straight rock as you can find these days, but the ultimate mood created and vulcanized by the powerful and bluesy vocals of the lead singer is more nuanced than a single rock ballad. 

Each song seems to build from a mellow starting point to an ultimate car crash together of sounds and singing. The ultimate type of tension and release where the release really only comes once all together at the finale of the track. The most apt example of this is from their best release to date, their early track “Brown Eyes” from 2018. The track starts out with a mellow sound with the smooth vocals of longing for another. By the bridge the drums and guitars start to pick up, eventually coming together for a final breakdown with the shouted lyrics finishing over a final shredding guitar solo. If Steven Tyler sings this songs it’s an Aeorsmith track if I’ve ever heard one, but there’s something more subtle with the effect of the deep, moody, Mancunian brogue of the lead singer of The Monday Night Club. 

The band’s released a more recent single in 2020 which provides some hope for more music coming soon, but for now you and I both will have to be content with constantly replaying their handful of existing tracks over and again. 

Best Song:

“Brown Eyes” (Single)

Honorable Mentions:

“Corvette” (Single)

“Down by the River” (Single)

Best Lyric:

“Break me, cast me out, won’t give in, won’t give out, chain me, watch me go, I’ve been down to the lowest of the low” – from “Brown Eyes” (the final verse before the final breakdown {chef’s kiss})

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