A New & Interesting EP From Charmer

The Latter Day TorchBearers of Midwest Emo, etc. Provide a More Laidback and Melancholy Addition to Their Discography with Seney Stretch

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

A word of warning, I think these 4 new tracks from Michigan DIYers Charmer may really grow on me the more and more I listen to them.

Each of these new tracks, the first new music released solely under the Charmer moniker since 2020’s full length Ivy, has a common vibe connecting them all. If you listen to some of Charmer’s prior discography there are songs like “Wither” or “Sunshine Magazine” that share a more dreamy, acoustic thoughtfulness rather than a more raucous punk-infused emo track like much of Chamer’s first two albums and earlier EPs include.

This new EP Seney Stretch opens things up a little more to the inner workings of the songwriting, more layered, more subdued, and evoking a more melancholy feeling, a mix of sounds and styles along with an equally mixed set of emotions. And particularly songs like “Slow Death” and “Just Like Jezebel” have some great builds as the song unfolds.

The band is now with Counter Intuitive Records

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