Mom Jeans. – Sweet Tooth

Give Me Something Sweet Indeed…

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

In February Mom Jeans. brought into this world their 3rd full length LP, and first since 2018’s Puppy Love in the form of a cabal of pop punk anthems collectively called Sweet Tooth.

The opener of the album “Something Sweet” gives you the exact idea of what you’re getting into with this sound from Mom Jeans. While previous records have been a mix of emo, punk, and pop punk, the “sweetest” so to speak is brought out much more in this album than previous works with a number of pop-y, bouncing party songs.

Standouts to speak of especially that really resonate with the Mom Jeans. style of emo pop-punk mixed with jazz trumpets include the danceable “White Trash Millionaire” followed immediately by the nostalgic early 2000s feel of “Circus Clown.”

In all, Mom Jeans. won’t miss when they produce their fun, easily accessible brand of music, and this album hits all the right buttons. Some tracks may fall a little flatter than others, but the standouts stand up with all the favorites that fans have loved for years now.

#1 “Something Sweet”

This song is such a pop-punk song, very nostalgic to the late 90s early 2000s heyday of the genre, but also aligning with much of the modern twist on this sound we hear more and more of today (see KennyHoopla, etc.).

This, I’m sure, will be a great concert song for their tour, works perfectly to get a crowd going.

#2 “What’s Up?”

Upon first hearing this song, I’m not sure I loved it. It may not be that great, but I think I can still dig it. I might have pushed this more toward the middle of the album so we can get to the next 3 songs quicker which I think are better fits at the top of the album. Either way, maybe not my favorite song off the album but still pretty solid.

#3 “Hippo In the Water”

This is a fun track and one that fits the more “classic” Mom Jeans. sound from their prior two albums. Willing to bet this song will hit different when played live.

#4 “White Trash Millionaire”

Yeah this is a really solid song. Makes sense as a single, but wasn’t released as one in the lead-up to the album release. To me the core of this album really starts here and over the next 4 tracks or so. These songs are what really make this album a very good one. Fun, relatable, and just bursting with that energy that Mom Jeans. bring to all their best songs.

#5 “Circus Clown”

This is my favorite track on the album. It just fits so well with the nostalgic type of early 2000s pop-punk that this album really leans more into compared to previous. Great riff, great chorus, funny, relatable lyrics. That’s Mom Jeans. to me and although it maybe sounds a bit more polished and pop-y than we’re used to from this band, this is an excellent, very catchy track at the end of the day.

#6 “Sugar Rush”

Another track here that just really works on this album. It’s not necessarily the sound you would expect from Mom Jeans., but it’s a more nuanced song than some of the other tracks on this album and has a nice build into the bridge. Lyrically, it has all the angst, regret, etc. you expect but once again we get a little more of that “sugary” coating on the layered production. This is not your grandfather’s punk song for certain.

#7 “Graduating Life”

A little more laidback song that oddly enough almost reminds me of Guster or Ben Folds or some other alternative act from the 2000s. Even though the sound of this album does feel a bit different up until this point, this song just feels so “un-Mom Jeans.” but it honestly rules. The subversion of expectations is I think what I can appreciate and love most from this band with each new album, and with each new song as I go on.

#8 “Luv L8r”

Yeah this one feels like classic Mom Jeans. Heavier rhythm, harsher, tighter guitar riffs, and much more the punkish sound we love about this band. Pretty much this song is great.

#9 “Crybaby (On the Phone)”

I think I like this song, but it’s not terribly memorable during a listen-through. Interesting that this was released as a single late last year.

#10 “Anime Theme Song”

The song title you expect to find on a Mom Jeans. album for sure. This is the song you want to hear start playing when you’re in the pit at a show. Rocking, sing-along-able, and just a fun track.

#11 “Tie Dye Acid Trip”

I love the lyrics in this song, although they are pretty similar to most of the lyrical songwriting of this album. They just really fit in well with the jangly guitar riffs in this song. I think an underrated track on this album that fits in really well upon a re-listen.

#12 “Ten Minutes”

Alright, this is the part of the album where I’m just like, ok I really like this. I think maybe the track listing design bumped down some of this really nice tracks like this one and the last 2 because they’re maybe a little less “single” sounding tracks, but compared to the opening, I feel like this album just gets better and better the deeper you get. There’s something you feel a little bit more in a song like “Ten Minutes” compared to maybe “Something Sweet” or “What’s Up?”

#13 “Teeth”

It’s difficult to find much more to say about the album as it ends. This is a great closer. It ties together the sound of the slightly more emotional last couple tracks, the fun and bouncy mid-section, and the “sweet” pop-punk types of tracks at the top of the track listing. Not the best song on the album, but a good way to sum up what this album is.

At the end of the day is the seminal Mom Jeans. that we’ll look back on as their best and most expressive of their sound and style? I’m not sure. It’s somewhat a blend of the style of their previous songs and also a new direction with some different influences at play. But it’s possible this album will age very gracefully, and with who knows what will come next from this band, this could very well be the beginning of a completely new and incredibly creative era for Mom Jeans.

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