New Album Drops Galore to Finish The Week

Taylor Swift’s Re-Recorded Red May Overshadow Some Exciting New Material From a Couple Indie Artists

We’ve got a lot of new music heading into the weekend. The big album drop this weekend is Taylor Swift’s re-release of Red which has re-recorded versions of songs from her 2012 hit album. In a twist of absurdity, the album has 30 songs and a 10 minute version of “All Too Well.”

IDK, not a big Taylor fan, but that’s the big news. Much bigger new (and actually new) album releases from my perspective is the drop today of Liverpool’s favorite daughter Zuzu’s debut full length, and the third studio album of fellow Liverpudlian act Red Rum Club.

You can listen to both albums on Spotify and anywhere you stream music. Here’s Zuzu’s Queensway Tunnel which includes some of her most popular recent singles “Lie to Myself” and “The Van Is Evil.”

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Red Rum Club have now released their third original studio album (they also have an acoustic album of several of their songs), entitled How To Steal The World.

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From what I’ve listened to so far, and the singles I’ve already heard off of both these albums I’ve really enjoyed everything. I really like Zuzu’s album, this already seems like an excellent debut from someone who’s really blown up in the last year-plus. “The Van Is Evil” is a quirky song with a nice hook, and the closing track and album namesake “Queensway Tunnel” might just be the standout.

Red Rum Club have definitely appeared to once again offer a unique spin on modern alternative rock. Some of the tracks off this new album boast the catchy pop-infused hooks blended with the signature bass and brass combination to make a fun and danceable collection of songs.

If we keep listening and like what we hear, we may post a track-by-track review of these albums, for now check them out and let us know what you think.

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