The Night Café: For Better Days EP

The story of a doomed relationship in 4 parts…4 really good parts

Rating: 3 out of 4.

Liverpool quartet The Night Café are back again with a 4 song EP title For Better Days, an apt title for a collection of songs released during our current times. Their debut full length 0151 released in 2019 now feels ages ago, but this new music is more than a sight for sore eyes and ears in year of our Lord 2021.

The 4 tracks tend towards the mellower end of The Night Café spectrum. They certainly don’t sport the punkish action of older tracks like “Strange Clothes,” but these 4 songs showcase a more melancholy and even wistful, ephemeral mood.

The 4 songs ostensibly tell the story of a relationship as told from one perspective, from the falling in love stage to the falling out of love stage. But it doesn’t work in chronological order the way you would think.

Track Listing

#1 – “Isn’t”

Originally released as a teaser single, “Isn’t” may still be the standout of the 4. It is hard though to choose a true winner. “Isn’t” is the start of the breakup song, although it comes first in the track listing. Perhaps this is just a factor of it being the single off the EP and probably the best song, or perhaps there’s a deeper meaning. 

The song is definitely the sound The Night Café have developed as uniquely their own. The chorus is still catchy and actually pretty upbeat despite its more dour lyrical content. TNC are a band that certainly has a way with expressing fairly sad and sometimes just dark lyrics with energetic rhythms and melodies to create an attractive indie pop song with a deeper meaning.

#2 – “Think It Over”

This is quite literally the “I’m in love, are you?” song of the relationship. Again, good chorus, easy sound, nothing particularly remarkable, but still a great listen.

#3 – “Up All Night”

This is the “I have a crush on you and can’t stop thinking about you” song. Really the beginning of the relationship, so you can see how this story almost works in reverse order. Again, really good song, more of the partner to “Think it Over” and similarly is less remarkable than the alpha and omega of this EP.

#4 – “What’s It Feel Like?”

Probably the most obviously depressing lyrically of the group, “What’s It Feel Like” is definitely the sister to “Isn’t” in terms of both theme and quality. It brings a strong finish to the EP, and also wraps up the story of the EP with the “getting over my lost love” song. Another true ear worm, this song makes you want to keep coming back for more listens. But for me, most importantly, I want to hear even more new music from The Night Café in the near future. Hopefully, the For Better Days EP is a sign of more music to come from TNC very soon. 

Standout Track:


Best Lyric:

“No I can’t stand you now, to go from love is so absurd, it pains me still to say that word, but I, love you still” – From “Isn’t”

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