Sticky Fingers – Lekkerboy

Excellently Mixed Teaser Single to Upcoming Fifth LP

Rating: 4 out of 5.
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Australian indie outfit Sticky Fingers are back and ready to release their fifth full-length album in 2022. Their last album Yours to Keep released in 2019 came out shortly after their return from a brief hiatus after spending nearly a decade coming up through the ranks of the indie scene in their native Sydney.

Just released this last week is their latest single, on the heels of a handful of other single releases in the promotional lead up for the forthcoming LP. “Lekkerboy” boasts many of the songwriting elements that have made Sticky Fingers one of the biggest alternative acts in Australia. Perfectly mixed, there’s a feeling of nostalgia and melancholy, but the track also holds onto a feeling of defiant resilience and hope.

The lyrics reflect all this, and are also impeccably written with some clever references and hooks.

(I could be hearing it wrong, but I’m pretty sure he says “I’m coming up Milhouse” at one point which is objectively hilarious.)

Anyway, nothing really sums up the feeling and message of the song than the final verse:

I've had it
Being an addict
Matter of fact I'm even badder than I was before
But it make you feel awesome
Boredom inside me no more 

What the official video below:

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