Billie Eilish To Sing “Sally” Role For Nightmare Before Christmas Live Shows

Joining the One and Only Pumpkin King Danny Elfman at Banc of California Stadium

This is sort of a bizarre story, but I’m also kind of here for it. Danny Elfman, famously the frontman of Oingo Boingo, his second life in music has also seen him become a big film scorer in Hollywood, also very famously voiced and sang the role of animated Jack Skellington in Tim Burton’s classic Halloween (or Christmas I guess, actually) movie The Nightmare Before Christmas.

Well now he’s taking his talents to the stage to host a couple nights of a live concert performance to the film in LA. And guess who’s Sally?

You guessed it…the artist of the moment Billie Eilish. Is there anything this young lady isn’t capable of? Probably, but that’s rhetorical. Listen, I get it. People love this movie, and may or may not love this concept, but young people don’t really say “damn, I can’t miss this event, it’s got freakin’ Danny Elfman!” So it makes a lot of business sense for a show which cheapest ticket is like $40 right now to go all in on the Gen Z stars like Billie and….Weird Al?….to really make this show come alive.

Genuinely not really being sarcastic here. I think it’s cool and if I had nothing better to do in the LA area around Halloween I might consider going. But Sally is a role that makes sense for Ms. Eilish, so I’m willing to bet she’ll probably kill it. Not to be mean but when I thought of Sally having her leg fall off after tossing herself out the window, I thought of this video…

Respect for keeping it going.

Anyway here’s Sally’s song, soon to be done by Billie herself.

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