Meiko Slowly Losing Her Mind on Twitter

“Celebrity Sea Names”: Art or Should We All Be Concerned?

Sometimes I worry about the stress of being a star artist, especially when I’m on twitter. Meiko, the songstress behind such indie hits as “Leave the Lights On” and “Stuck On You,” may or may not be in a slowly deteriorating mental state, or might just be having too much fun.

Exhibit A. above tweets turning beloved, patriotic American celebrities into sea creatures. Tuna Fay? Are we just gonna let that go?

Apparently completely unprovoked also. Here’s some more, this isn’t a short thread:

Anyway, to make sure we’re covering all the obvious bases, here are some of my contributions.

  1. Orca Winfrey (might be offensive, unsure)
  2. Prawn Mendes
  3. Lisa Lamprey-nelli
  4. Taylor Shrimp (stretch)
  5. Marlin Wayans

Anyway, listen to her new single “Weird World” on Spotify, or anywhere you’d like.

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