Did Robert Smith of The Cure Correctly Predict The Death of The Queen?

The Short Answer is No. But the Long Answer is Only Slightly More Interesting.

Queen Elizabeth II died last week at the tragically young age of 96, supposedly on the 8th of September, 2022.

Not long after a video surfaced of one of Britain’s Goth Royal Family, The Cure frontman Robert Smith predicting the Queen would die on September 7th in an interview with some German(?) guy.

Naturally, the internet blew up once this was discovered.

Only to be immediately disappointed by two things.

1.) If you listen closely he actually says September 7th.

2.) This interview is from 2012.


Allow me some belief please.

Ok, ok. So he was off by one day…and like 10 whole years. That’s only 3,651 days off if my calculations are accurate (leap days cancel each other out when adding). That’s a ballpark estimate at least. Keeping in mind the queen lived a grand total of like 34k days total, fractionally his estimate was within 5.88% of being right.

At a 95% confidence level, he still misses the mark, however, and for that reason it’s really not all that impressive.

But hold on. What about all those internet conspiracy theorists people who said the Queen died months ago?

Sadly USA Today officially debunked this myth in February with solid evidence to back it up.


We may have been able to give him the benefit of the doubt, but we were proven wrong.

This of course brought us an even better bounty of Robert Smith videos about the Queen. I think most royalists will enjoy the below.

Cut off your hands? Seems a bit dramatic…

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