Yesterday Was the Pro Bowl (Which Always Sucks), But Gave Us an All-Time Chad Johnson Story

Former Star Receiver Dines Alone at IHOP After No Pro Bowlers Accept His Invitation to Breakfast

Just an absolutely bizarre headline I saw in the week leading up to the Pro Bowl. Chad Johnson (neé Ochocinco) was one of the most insane, outspoken, and just bizarre players of his generation. If you don’t remember, think of him as a poor man’s Terrell Owens.

Anyway the story from this week was an all-time headline. On twitter Johnson asked if any Pro Bowlers, specifically calling out Deebo Samueul and Trevon Diggs would meet him for breakfast at an IHOP in Las Vegas where the Pro Bowl was being held this week.

As the story goes, no one accepted his invitation and he sat alone at the IHOP one random morning, which is just objectively hilarious.

As a slight aside, Chad’s twitter is insane. Just pure volume. Hundreds of tweets in the like 3 days since this tweet was sent when I was trying to re-find it.

Anyway, I just love this mental image of the great Chad Ochocinco being treated as an ‘old head’ that nobody wants to talk to anymore. Brilliant karmic justice for a guy that’s getting older and used to be just an an absolute loud-mouth dweeb.

But I also kind of feel bad, because we’ve all probably had a similar experience of you try to get a few friends together and nobody can make it so you’re just out on your own for the night. True RIP for Chad, I’ll visit your grave.

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