Camp Cope

The Aussiest Accent In Music

With a brand new album, 2022’s Running with the Hurricane Camp Cope has now established itself as one of the most exciting acts coming from the Australia alternative scene.

The 2018 sophomore LP by the band How to Socialise and Make Friends was an excellent example of DIY punk fervor and angst, while this year’s effort expresses more nuanced composition and production, very well illustrated in the title track off the album, which evokes a folk-esque aesthetic with a dixie-land rag style piano backing a hooky chorus. You get a lot more of this feel with many tracks on this album, a different stroke compared to harder, more stripped back full length from 4 years ago.

The benefit of these differing sounds to fans is an impressive divergence in style, showcasing a group with an eclectic, yet still signature sound. The biggest signature regardless of album or song is the obviously Aussie accented singing of lead singer Georgia Maq. My favorite lyric of any of Camp Cope’s songs is the final line in their most kickass song “The Opener”, where without any slant or near rhyme, Maq rhymes “opener” with “quota.” The ending of both words is exactly the same, and I think that pretty much sums up what I love about this band.

Best Song:

“The Opener” From How to Socialise and Make Friends

Honorable Mentions:

“Running with the Hurricane” From Running with the Hurricane

“Keep Growing” (Single)

Best Lyric:

“Could it be true, you couldn’t do that to someone, not you, no you’re music is too good” from “The Face of God”

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