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deepdiver [stylized in all lower-case, as is all their cummings-esque song titles] are a 4-piece band hailing from West Yorkshire, UK. Their sound is somewhat reminiscent of 90s shoegaze with a blend of more 21st indie pop stylings, similar to bands like DIIV and FLOWVERS.

The group has released just a handful of singles and a 5-track EP last year, but have not been active online since 2020, leaving a little bit of mystery as to their current status as a group.

That all being said, their sound is rather intriguing and addictive. Early singles deepdiver released like “joyrider” and “nosebleed” have a lot of the elements of catchy power-pop type of chord structures mixed with a healthy helping of distortion and nasally vocals.

2020’s 5-track EP entitled i saw you in a dream then i saw you on tv boasts newly recorded tracks to complement a couple previously released singles. “grandma’s disposable camera” is perhaps the most interesting track off this EP, with an at times very “mod” melody and songwriting structure almost sounding of The Jam, but interweaved are more restrained, laidback motifs of the shoegaze type of genre and stlye. “weeping sleeping” the closing track on the EP breaks down to a final verse bursting with energy and sounding very familiar to current acts FLOWVERS and Australia’s Bugs.

We’ll see if deepdiver come back to release new music and tour in the future, and for now we’ll have their light, but impressive recording history to lean on.

Best Song:

“weeping sleeping” From i saw you in a dream then i saw you on tv

Honorable Mentions:

“grandma’s disposable camera” Single

“joyrider” Single

Best Lyric:

“one day becomes the next too quickly” From “weeping sleeping”

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