Harmonic and Textured Indie Rock

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One band that has quietly put out quality tracks for over 5 years now have been Derbyshire’s own The LEVIS. Releasing recordings since 2017, The LEVIS boast a unique combination of unpolished garage rock, but well constructed harmony. Some songs like “Honey I’m Alright” almost sound like something The Kinks may have released 60 years ago. Bouncing guitars, pacing drums, and vocal harmonies tying together a cohesive and well-textured song.

Other tracks like “Open Your Eyes” sound much more like The Stone Roses, brimming with attitude, chunky riffs, and a well-mixed rhythm and blues type of beat.

The LEVIS most recent release was a 4-track EP titles Nothing Less released in early 2020. Since then they’ve been relatively quiet online though they appear to be back playing live shows, so hopefully we shall see and hear more from them soon as they look to continue building a strong following.

Best Song:

“Open Your Eyes” (Single)

Honorable Mentions:

“Good as Gold” From Nothing Less

“Honey I’m Alright” (Single)

Best Lyric:

can’t understand a goddam word they’re saying…

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