Miri Devora

Cool Name…Cooler Music? You Decide

Lead singer of Philly-based indie outfit Queen of Jeans, one Miri Devora is now releasing solo tracks under her own name, and if the handful of singles released in 2022 and a brand new EP compiling those singles along with a couple new ones are any indication her solo work looks to be just as good.

I would not so readily describe her musical style as cheaply as “sad-girl” as I have with the music of say Phoebe Bridgers, Soccer Mommy, or Snail Mail, but there is of course similarities in her emotional lyric writing, melancholy melodies, and pastoralist use of acoustic guitar.

But there is certainly a little more to Miri’s music than just the one-dimensional sad-girl label (as is also true of the formerly mentioned artists). It’s fairly stripped down (though a song like “Imaging It” has a little more of a groove), readily understandable, and not so depressing that I just want to crawl in a bathtub with a razor blade…

…it is kind of close though. In a way, it’s less b.s. sad-girl where it’s just like over-the-top, I wanna kill my dad; Miri’s songs, at least this far, seem to come off a little more honest.

Best Song:

“Imagining It” From I Thought It Was Love EP

Honorable Mentions:

“Caught Up” From I Thought It Was Love EP

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