Phantom Youth

Spacey, Jangly Dream Pop

If you’re familiar with indie band Stray Fossa, you may recognize the sound of a new solo project from member Will Evans, called Phantom Youth.

Evans, now living in Munich, Germany has created the side project during off time from Stray Fossa as members have now been spread living in different cities around the world.

The Tennessee native has put together thus far 6 total tracks, including his most recent release a single “Promises.”

The sound of Phantom Youth is perhaps a tribute to a very well-titled band name if it was intentional. The sound is nostalgic of 90s dream pop and the brighter, cleaner side of the shoegaze sound of the same time. It stays true to the sound of Stray Fossa, but the tracks thus far released under Phantom Youth are quite chilled-out, a laidback, dreamy meditation, more soothing than rocking.

A good interview from a German site can be read here to learn more about the impetus of the project.

You can listen on Spotify, Apple Music, and Soundcloud to catch more coming from this new and interesting project.

Best Song:


Honorable Mentions:

“Country Roads”


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