Outer Stella Overdrive

If the 1980s and The Libertines had a Love Child

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These guys are straight out of the 1980s English post-punk scene with the exception that their first single was released in 2018. You’ll certainly understand the claim, though, at first listen to their discography.

The London based foursome just released their first mini-album Clout & Self Doubt and these 7 tracks probably tell their musical story better than anything I could say. OSO blend Britpunk thrashing guitars and rhythms with influences from R&B, pop, rap, and the Caribbean sounds nostalgic of the 80s bands from Britain that came from the post-punk era. In that respect this group reminds me a lot of The Clash or The (English) Beat, or even The Psychedelic Furs. A more modern comparison would be The Libertines’ blend of the recently preceding Britpop and the older post-punk movement. 

But Outer Stella Overdrive have seemingly still been able to carve out their own sound, and compared to much of the British alternative rock scene currently, their sound is a pleasantly new deviation. With their pop-punk type of elements, it wouldn’t be surprising to see crossover success in the Americas in the near future with the pop-punk renaissance the U.S. is currently experiencing. 

That being said, the danger in singing in a British accent is for whatever reason the media distribution channels in the U.S. hate that, so who really knows. I still dig their sound. 

Best Song:

“Three Piece” From Clout & Self Doubt

Honorable Mentions:

“Stare at the Screen” From Clout & Self Doubt

State Your Name” (Single)

“Camel Blue” From Clout & Self Doubt

Best Lyric:

“I’ll keep learning to transition, It’s time to make decisions, Or time to run away, And say the old things just again” – From “State Your Name”

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