Wallows: “I Don’t Want to Talk”

New Single From Wallows Shouldn’t Disappoint Their Fans

Rating: 4 out of 5.

I’ll admit there is some of Wallows’ discography that can get a little suspect (e.g. “Scrawny,” “Another Story”), but their most recent single release “I Don’t Want to Talk” should make all of Wallows’ fans, old and new alike happy.

The song has the poppy, upbeat sensibilities of earlier hits like “Pictures of Girls” and is exceptionally balanced and well-produced. There’s a little harmonica going on, a good mix of real drumming and some machine additions, and a catchy chorus filled with lyrics of much darker tone than the sonic qualities would betray. Everything ultimately builds through a bridge to a crashing, tight ending, and an all-around great pop song. 

Give a listen and comment below if you agree with our rating. 

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