Some Introspective Punk

PHONY is the musical project of artist Neil Berthier, a currently LA-based punk rocker and part-time touring guitarist for Joyce Manor interestingly enough.

But his work as PHONY has created some of the better stripped back punk rock of the last few years. His latest, 2022’s AT SOME POINT YOU STOP (yes of course it’s in all caps…sigh), is filled with some interesting emo-infused punk songs, perhaps reminiscent of bands like Sloucher or Seer Believer mixed with Shrimp, and maybe even a little Radiohead or something weird 90s alt mixed in there too. Sounds like a lot, but this actually all works well to create a unique sound.

Some really good lyrics, that for the most part you can understand which I really respect when listening to a noisier type of punk band in that general genre.

A standout track on this latest album is actually really not even a song, but “LA’S MUSIC” is a very funny compilation of some voicemails that just really made me smile.

You can follow more from PHONY here included upcoming tour dates, or on instagram or twitter.

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