New Single From Hot Mulligan

“Shhhh! Golf is On” Hearkens Back to Some More Old School Emo and Punk

Hot Mulligan just released their latest single, now in a string of several singles released dating back to 2021 since their last full length in 2020, plus a couple acoustic EPs and 2021’s EP I Won’t Reach Out to You.

“Shhhh! Golf is On” (that’s 4 “h’s” in “Shhhh” if you’re counting) continues in Hot Mulligan’s tradition of silly song titles, but goes for a little bit more of a harder edge sonically compared to some of their more upbeat, or occasionally ballad-style songs, this end of their spectrum feels a little more nostalgic of say early 2000s punk or emo vs. the more current waves that the band is typically lumped into.

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