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Sometimes it’s difficult to put into words why a band or artist works so well. Music at it’s absolute best is really just something you want to listen to and enjoy, and there’s really no words to better describe the sound of Melbourne’s RAT!hammock.

To borrow a term from the young person’s lexicon, these guys are just vibes. Some may call them “chillwave” or a laid back indie pop sound, but they do span a variety of moods and songwriting structure. Their best songs all share their definite style. A generous amount of guitars building on an indie pop rhythm ethos, songs like 2019 single “Ghost” show off the hit-making potential, while more chilled out tracks like “Blood to Bruise” put one right on the Melbourne beach the song must certainly have been dreamed up on. At times I’m reminded a little of the 90s alt British group Ride, famous for their single “Vapor Trail.” RAT!hammock posses just a bit more pop sensibility, but still own that ethereal and psych rock vibe.

There’s not much more that needs to be said necessarily before you listen to them. Coming from a country right now nearly saturated in the indie pop/rock scene, be sure to discover one of my personal favorite Aussie-rock acts out right now.

Best Song:

“Ghost” (Single)

Honorable Mentions:

“June” (Single)

“Pick Up” (Single)

Best Lyric:

I didn’t realise we were birds on that wire, So lucky to feel free, I sipped your gin and helped you up” – from “June”

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