The K’s

Already a Hit Act in the North West of England, Can They Jump Even Further?

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The K’s range from galloping, punkish indie rock bursting with energy to low, building love ballads. The best combination exemplified by singles “Got a Feeling” which bursts with the sassy indie sensibility of mid-2000s acts a la the Libertines or Bloc Party, and single “Valley One” which as my personal favorite is a stripped down love ballad about the (nearly) cliched one you have to leave, but could never forget.

This versatility creates some of my real intrigue in where the K’s may go from here. Their biggest single “Sarajevo” was a near instant hit and is by far their most popular streamed song. Like “Got a Feeling,” “Sarajevo” boasts the quick-fire singing and raucous riff building of The K’s most intrusive sounds. There’s a lot to like with this sound, which is the one the band leans to the most. On top of that is the literate yet, punkish lyrical stylings of lead singer Jamie Boyle. 

So what’s next for the K’s; how do they make their next big step after the initial exposure from the success of “Sarajevo?” 2020 single “TV” is another nice track with a similar energy that immediately captures the ear. I’ll look for a more developed EP soon before a full length can be compiled, but you would expect enough musical capital to put together a strong debut. My best prediction for the most breakout success for the K’s will be if they can span the entire spectrum of the high energy British pop-punk of their standout tracks, with the more tender and stripped down piano and guitar harmony of their ballads like “Valley One.” 

For now it appears the K’s will be keeping busy touring. Follow them for more and keep an eye on their future.

Best Song:

“Valley One” (Single)

Honorable Mentions:

“Aurora” (Single)

“Glass Towns” (Single)

Best Lyric:

“I’m trying to keep control, I’m wasting my time, you’ve already won” – from “Valley One”

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