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Oh, You’re Looking for More Midwest Emo…

If you’re a fan of Michigan-based midwest emo revival in 2023 (say maybe already a fan of Charmer or Hot Mulligan) are you in for a treat listening to saturdays at your place.

The Kalamazoo three-piece’s most recent single is entitled “it’s always cloudy in kalamazoo” no doubt an homage to their hometown in one of the more either trite or meta references to the midwest emo aesthetic (disliking aspects of your hometown and singing about it).

But don’t be fooled. saturdarys at your place is not a contrived copycat of other midwest emo bands today. They exhibit the necessary qualities of being able to write catchy hooks and pop-like melodies along with the grungy guitar fuzz and heavy rhythm and lyrics that the current wave of emo revival has brought us.

Great examples of this sound are singles “hospital bed” and “tarot cards” both released in 2022. In fact “tarot cards” almost evokes more of an early 2000s pop-punk sound even more than more of the emo sound you may expect from listening to much of the other discography from the band.

In 2021 the group put out a 9 song album entitled something worth celebrating. Standouts from this track listing include “mood swings” which builds with each verse and rhythmic group vocals, and “coffee cups” which doesn’t disappoint with its hectic breakdown. “one track mind” however may be my favorite of the whole lot.

Best Song:

“one track mind” from something worth celebrating

Honorable Mentions:

“tarot cards” (Single)

“it’s always cloudy in kalamazoo” (Single)

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