Ethereal, Yet Tight Melodic Indie Pop

David Zbirka is the London based artist behind the project known as Sunnbrella, which has been putting out original tracks for about 5 years now, starting with some singles all the way back in 2018.

But now the Prague-born musician is awaiting release of their debut album Heartworn set for Friday February 24th. This comes after a series of 3 released singles in 2022 including most recently a track titled “A Week or So” which showed up on our Brand New Indie playlist at the end of the year.

Sunnbrella combines a laidback flow of melancholic lyrics and jangly electric guitars with a deceptively tight rhythm section to blend an ethereal feeling, possibly some shoegaze or The Cure-style influences, and cohesive melody and rhythm. This all wraps into some pretty catchy pop hooks. It’s not shocking that Zbirka cites My Bloody Valentine as a big influence musically and growing up listening to The Beatles and playing in pop-punk bands.

Each track released by the band thus far brings its own unique element to defining the sound of Sunnbrella. 2022 single “Fever Dream” brings a more dance-beat rhythmically, while 2021’s “Lost & Found” evokes more of a throwback to 90s shoegaze and dream pop but adding a repetitive hook. Earlier tracks like 2018’s “Feelin’ Invisbile” are less produced, a more bedroom pop-style of more recent artists of the 2010s like Beach Fossils or Salvia Plath.

The new album set for release in late February 2023 will hopefully shine a light on the clear talent of the group and its primary songwriter and producer and allow us a greater selection of tracks to enjoy.

Best Song:

“A Week or So” (Single)

Honorable Mentions:

“Lost & Found” (Single)

“Fever Dream” (Single)

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