Very Bri’ish, Industrial Post-Punk Rock

The band SHEAFS hail from Sheffield, UK and last summer in July of 2022 released their first full length album A Happy Medium with Modern Sky Entertainment.

SHEAFS combines a Joy Division-esque fuzzy jangled guitar melody driven by a very vocal bass and elements of 70s psych rock and later industrial rock with often heavy chords and echo-chamber vocals.

A Happy Medium is a triumphant example of their brand of modern alternative rock. The 10-song record boasts a couple standouts at the end of the track listing with “Millennial” and the expansive “The Room”

Listening to SHEAFS requires some tolerance for more spoken vocals in a British accent, but assuming you have acquired such a taste the band has shown some strong skills in their tenure so far to create a unique and heavier sound appreciated in the mix of alternative and indie rock coming from the UK today.

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