Who is Sipper and Why is All His Music So Good?

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This guy, amirite? The indie bedroom pop artist known only as Sipper is a bit of an enigma. Which naturally I can respect and appreciate. Doubly good, however, is this character makes great music, and a metric f-ton of it.

In 2021 alone, Sipper dropped 4 albums totaling 33 songs. This followed his debut 7 song effort Have Fun released in 2020.

Now who is Sipper you may ask? Haven’t a clue. Part of the great wonder of so many DIY indie artists today, if you don’t know this guy personally or locally in the music scene, you only know from finding him online. And that’s awesome, because without modern music producing technology that sets you back a couple extra shifts and a 9 ft.2 plot in your bedroom and without the internet to share that music with the world, no one beyond what I would assume is Williamsburg would know any of Sipper’s music.

Apparently he’s this guy. There’s some sort of drunk, Soviet Edward Cullen vibes this guy is giving me, but he also kind of looks a little like me, so once again something I can identify with.

At any rate, Sipper’s music pretty much rules. It’s spacey, lo-fi, but some songs are much more pop-y and melodic. Some are even danceable.

His latest single “psycho killa” sounds like an underproduced carnival-style version of a Wallows-esque sound. And it’s as great (maybe a lot better actually) as I just described.

At any rate, there’s far too much discography that all works so well for me to parse through best songs and lyrics so just do me a favor and listen to all his music and enjoy.

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