Sweeping Promises

Could this be the next big thing in garage post-punk?

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Do you remember the first time you went to a hole in the wall concert venue in your local town? The indescribable experience of seeing walls littered with band stickers and the crisp smell of sweat and PBR? The floors are always sticky, it’s dark, dingy, and full of chaotic charm but you can’t help but love every second of it. Sweeping Promises teleports me there.

A traditional, minimalistic, and edgy sound that gives me serious Ramones vibes. It’s not surprising that the Boston-based band uses a classic single-mic recording style that makes you feel like you are listening in a room with them. Jangly guitar, bass so thick you can practically taste it, and pleasingly pugnacious vocals throughout. – (That’s right I used “pugnacious” in a sentence)

November 17, 2021

Their first full length album titled Hunger for a Way Out, released right before the pandemic in 2020, is 28 minutes of gritty, in your face poppy punk tunes. Then, like the rest of the world, the band disappeared. In November of 2021, they released the single titled Pain Without a Touch, which was their first new music since before the pandemic. It’s another rough, eccentric basement banger that leaves me itching for more. The band hinted on their Instagram that they have had a lot of time to write music and this new single is “…a frantic attempt to identify and target needs and desires without skipping a beat on the hamster wheel”.

Whatever it is they’re going for in this next wave of jams, I am ready to hear more.

Best Song:

“Hunger for a Way Out” Title-track from Debut Album

Honorable Mention:

“Cross Me Out” From Hunger for a Way Out

Best Lyric:

Cause breathing in is such a nuisance
Standing still is a nuisance

From – “Hunger for a Way Out”

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