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There is a LOT to like about Snarls, a 4-piece hailing from Columbus, Ohio who over just the past couple years have began creating melodic, catchy, but also edgy guitar band tracks enviable of some of the best female-fronted indie acts you could think of.

Their lone album thus far, 2020’s Burst included great examples of some of their most catchy, pop-flavored tracks like “Marbles” and my personal favorite “Walk in the Woods.” As much as these are fun, guitar led power pop sounding songs, they also evoke the harder edge the band possesses just below the surface with lyrics of relationships going bad and trying to moving on.

Some other efforts from Snarls include much more darker and emotive sounds, much more to the punk side of the musical spectrum, but also more layered and well-produced songs like “If Only” off their most recent EP release What About Flowers? or “Concrete” also from their debut Burst.

Lately the group has been touring across the U.S. to sold out shows and continued acclaim.

Best Song:

“Walk in The Woods” from Burst

Honorable Mentions:

“Walls” from Snarls EP

“Lonely” from Snarls EP

“For You” from What About Flowers? EP

Best Lyric:

“I can’t quit you baby no matter how hard I try, you’ve got me in a knot but it’s my fault it’s tied” from “Walk in the Woods”

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