Singaporean Band Now Signed to NO Sleep Records Combines edge With Glint

In 2021, members from several bands in the Singapore music scene came together for a new project, Blush, releasing a single “Best Friend” with a quick 4-song self-titled EP including 3 more new songs. Just recently the group has released their latest single “All I Wanna Do” and announced their signing to No Sleep Records, purveyors of many great indie records of the past two decades.

Sonically, Blush exhibit a handful of obvious influences from 90s slowcore and shoegaze, and the more latter day “dream-pop” resurgence. A fuzzy, noise-adjacent sound percolates through tracks like “Suck” and “Come Clean” overlaid with the feathery vocals of singer Soffie Peters. It’s a sound similar to that of 90s pioneers My Bloody Valentine, but also rubs up with current acts that come to mind like Snarls and Sunnbrella.

The latest single “All I Wanna Do” is perhaps the standout of Blush’s releases so far, with a cleaner, dreamier, west coast stylization of above described core sound. A good sign, hopefully, of more good music to come.

Best Song:

“All I Wanna Do”

Honorable Mentions:

“Come Clean”

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