Spacey Jane

Aussie Indie Pop and Some Jangly-Ass Guitars

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One of the biggest 4-pieces in Australia right now, Spacey Jane hasn’t quite yet broken out internationally, but with their signature blend of breezy guitars, laidback vibes, and straining, yet smooth vocals it seems only a matter of time. 

Space Jane released their first full length album entitled Sunlight last year to immediate success in their native country. It produced hits like the depressing nostalgia of “Booster Seat” and still holds its own track-for-track for the full 12 song LP. This followed up their successful run of singles in the preceding handful of years, beginning with 2017’s “Feeding the Family” the first song to really get the group noticed.

Already back at releasing new music in 2021, we’ve seen a new single “Lots of Nothing.”

Describing Spacey Jane’s sound requires some tact. They exude a laidback type of surf rock vibe common with the Aussie indie and alternative scene these days. But this is blended with honest and occasionally brutally sad, but always relatable lyrics crooned out by lead vocalist Caleb Harper. Additionally, there’s the slightest edge that comes out from time-to-time in the more straight-forward songs, and deeper and earlier cuts boast a much more garage band sound with the edge more fully exposed.

Best comparisons may be well-established groups like The Vaccines or Bombay Bicycle Club, but make no mistake Spacey Jane are certainly a group from the current-day Australian alternative scene. Middle Kids, Bugs, and RAT!hammock probably fit more into the sound and aesthetic of their fellow countrymen.

Best Song:

“Good Grief” From Sunlight

Honorable Mentions:

“Booster Seat” From Sunlight

“Skin” From Sunlight

“Feeding the Family” (Single)

Best Lyric:

“And I dream, Of release, And the tears ease, And I feel, Kicked out of home, mama dead and alone, I don’t care about things that I’m too young to know” From “Good Grief”

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