3 Songs That I Refuse to Stop Listening To, or 30% of Their Discography Are Already Classics

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Riscas have such a catchy-ness to all their songs, and a resonance to their music that just makes it enjoyable for just about everyone to listen to. 

Their first 3 singles, “Talk Your Mind,” “Panic Like Tom,” and “Right Kinda Day” are all exceptional examples of modern British indie rock. Energetic riffs with jangly guitar tones over top, blended with clever and mysterious lyrics. 

The songs Riscas have put out since have actually been quite different. Their most recent singles from 2020 “Cool To Chill With” and “Next Love” and 2021’s “Can You Dance?” all are on the much more pop-sounding end of the spectrum. More produced, with elements of funk and hip-hop and more laidback and fun lyrics. Their lone EP from 2018 (the same year as “Talk Your Mind” and “Right Kinda Day”) Calypso provides a bridge between the sounds of the earlier singles and their most recent, blending the alt rock elements of their first releases with the much more pop driven elements to come.

That’s not to say certainly, that Riscas most recent music is not good. In fact, although it’s quite different from this 3 tracks that I love, I also really like this newer sound. It’s hard to claim that Riscas have really evolved or changed their sound since their still very much a newer band with not much of discography yet, but it will be interesting to see in what direction they lean more come their first full length release. Recency would tell us to expect the more chilled out pop-centric vibes and production, but I would expect continued growth from this group in multiple directions across the genres they touch. 

At any rate, no matter which of their songs you prefer, all these are good. Give Riscas a listen and let us know what you think. 

Best Song:

“Right Kinda Day” (Single) – Difficult call, but I’ll give this the no. 1 spot based on my current mood

Honorable Mentions:

“Panic Like Tom” (Single)

Talk Your Mind” (Single)

“Complex” From Calypso EP

Best Lyric:

“You said I said people getting upset!” – From “Panic Like Tom”

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