The Covasettes

A New Leader on the Manchester Scene

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Hailing from Manchester, England, The Covasettes have released roughly a dozen songs thus far and have impressed with their catchy hooks, introspective lyrics, and guitar-based melodies. What’s been impressive and exciting has been seeing the consistency in quality of new releases since their first single “This Feeling” was released in 2017.

The Covasettes have very obvious potential to break through with their combination of mature songwriting and addictive hooks that can latch on any listener. Standout tracks include their debut single, as well as follow-ups “Top Drawer” and more recent releases, 2021’s “Modern Rapunzel” and “Watching All the Good Ones Go.” These more recent releases remind me a little of Inhaler and even more of an American sounding alt acts like Colony House.

With more and more young, quality English indie acts coming up it will be interesting to see if there comes a new Manchester alternative renaissance that we tend to see every decade or so. If we do, I would be willing to bet The Covasettes will be near the forefront.

Best Song:

“This Feeling” (Single) 

Honorable Mentions:

Top Drawer” (Single)

“Watching All the Good Ones Go” (Single)

“Spin” (Single)

Best Lyric:

“I can’t shake this feeling it gets me every time, you roll me up and smoke me down until you’re high” – From “This Feeling”

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