Canadian Punk? No Really

If you enjoy some good quality alt punk rock in 2023, I would recommend taking a deep dive into the discography of Toronto rockers OBGMs (naturally standing for The oOohh Baby Gimme Mores).

The band actually began all the way back in 2007 with vocalist Densil McFarlane (classic Canadian surname) and drummer Colanthonay Humphrey. They’ve grown over time into leaders in the Canadian punk scene (which I can only assume exists outside of this band), culminating in their 2020 album The Ends which brought about some much deserved hype in the indie music world.

You can also find their 2017 self-titled Album on Spotify. Their songs really go for it, a lot of great energy, heavy guitars, tight rhythms and some ear-wormy hooks.

Their latest release appeared on one of our Weekly Indie Playlists recently, a single entitled “Same” released last summer which is a well-produced continuation of their pretty classic punk sound.

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