New Single & Upcoming Album From Chappaqua Wrestling

London-Based Group Set to Release Their Debut Album Plus Ultra in April

Chappaqua Wrestling for the past 2 years-ish I would say has become maybe my favorite new act in the alternative/indie scene.

We wrote a discover piece all the way back in October of 2021 noting their unique blend of sound and influences, and since the group has been able to intermittently release additional singles, all of which have shown continued expansion on a signature sound and progress toward what the band has recently announced as their debut full length album.

The LP entitled Plus Ultra will be out April 14th via EMI. The latest single released is “Wide Asleep” another more rousing rock song exhibiting a meatier sound compared to many of their earlier releases outlined in our 2021 post that are a bit more laidback. Consistently though, Chappaqua Wrestling has shown an ability to write songs that can build an energy, resulting in satisfying, layered creations.

The band have also announced a supporting UK tour for the album’s release with a string of dates across the month of May.

You can preorder their album here.

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