New Sundara Karma Album Out Next Month

And So Far, The Singles Kinda Bang

British indie rockers Sundara Karma are back at it again, about to release their 3rd album since forming in 2011. Better Luck Next Time is set to drop on October 27th, 2023, and in anticipation the group have released 3 singles thus far.

“Friends of Mine”, “Baby Blue”, and their latest the ethereal and power pop masterpiece “Wishing Well” have all certainly piqued my interest.

Sundara Karma’s debut LP, Youth is Only Ever Fun in Retrospect was a hit in their native UK and beyond, blending pop-y guitar riffs, a combination of polish and heavier, buzzier production value and perfect hooks, led by hits “Flame”, “She Said”, and “Lose the Feeling.”

The 2019 follow two years later, Ulfilas’ Alphabet didn’t hit with the same quite of fanfare or staying power, but with the trio of 2023 singles released in advance of Better Luck Next Time all have got the same great magic combination of the best of the band’s discography thus far. All three serve tight power pop melodies, but with a more punky edge especially in “Baby Blue” and “Friends of Mine” while “Wishing Well” hearkens back more to the 90s well produced guitar pop.

Do yourself a favor this week and preview what more could come by listening to these 3 tracks, and here’s hoping when the new album drops next month we are gifted with a whole lot more.

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