Sometimes I Forget How Good JAWS Are

New EP Reminds Us All Why We Shouldn’t

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

Birmingham, UK indie boys JAWS have been underrated 2010-20s flagbearers of the new wave, jangly indie rock revival we’ve been blessed with the last decade plus. Their brand new EP If It Wasn’t For My Friends, Things Could Be Different is just more evidence for exactly this.

JAWS have released 3 full length albums going back to 2014’s Be Slowly and most recently with 2019’s The Ceiling home to the eponymous track and loads more of the blend of frenetic guitar and rhythm-driven sound and more ethereal and contemplative that makes JAWS unique and admirable, from “Driving at Night” to “Feel” and “Looking/Passing”.

Subsequent singles recently since 2019’s last full length release included the absolutely great “Untitled” in 2021 and earlier this year “Sweat”

While each of these singles may be better than any of the four new songs from the latest EP, released in September 2023, If It Wasn’t For My Friends, Things Could Be Different still packs a punch and a consistent style and quality that makes the group so easily a band that one can become such a great fan of.

JAWS have are just finishing up their current UK tour dates. You can follow for more here:

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