Sea Power: “Folly”/”Two Fingers”

New Singles are First New Music in Nearly 5 Years

Rating: 3 out of 5.

The band formerly known as British Sea Power have dropped their gentilic moniker to settle for just “Sea Power” and have now released two new singles, their first new released tracks since 2017’s full length Let The Dancers Inherit The Party.

For fans of the band famous for their eclectic and avant-garde alternative rock music, a discography 9 albums and nearly two decades deep, this is welcome news, and the group could put out just about anything that would get us to listen intently.

These two news singles, entitled “Two Fingers” and “Folly” have been dropped as teasers for an upcoming new album. “Two Fingers” sports the more guitar driven and distorted sound of their previous rock-oriented albums such as 2008’s Do You Like Rock Music. The song features many of the distinguishing features of much of Sea Power’s track history. A layered sound of snares, crashing cymbals, pushing and pulling build and release of tension, and the breathy, baritone vocals of lead singer Yan Scott Wilkinson.

“Folly” is sung by Yan’s younger brother guitarist and bassist Hamilton Wilkinson. It features a little more sophisticated production with ghostly background vocals and some synth, but still bears the classic sound of Sea Power.

You can pre-order Sea Power’s upcoming album “Everything Was Forever” here.

Listen on Spotify
Listen on Spotify

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