In Honor of Halloween, The Most Disturbing Music Video of All-Time

Weird Band, Creepy Song, Bizarre Video

Love The Cure, one of my all-time favorites. They had a way of turning fringe-of-society weird gothic style into mainstream cool and wrote some the best new wave music ever.

But while their song “Lullaby” a single off of their seminal 1989 album Disintegration, is excellent, its music video goes down in history as one of the most disturbing and weird things ever filmed.

[Editor’s Note: That’s obviously hyperbole, I mean the internet…but still this is weird].

Now the fact that the video is so disturbing, is to great effect. The point of the song is a feeling of dread, fear, and being trapped, and the spider imagery in the video executes that feeling visually very well. So well, the video in fact won the British Video of the Year Award at the Brit Awards in 1990.

Love or hate the creepy video, the song is still required listening in The Cure’s discography and the video required viewing in music video history and fits the spookiest day of the year quite well. Check out the video below.

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