May We Never Outlive the Memory of Chinese Spy Balloon Week

R.I.P. 2023-2023

This week the nation was enraptured by the thrilling story of Chinese Spy Balloon. An enigmatic lighter than aircraft that flew from the northwestern United States, over St. Louis, and ultimately met its untimely end today off the coast of South Carolina when U.S. fighter pilots shot it down into the Atlantic Ocean.

Given China’s penchant for ahead-of-their time technology innovations, it’s likely that all our secrets have been stolen. Our secrets, like how many miles is it from Sioux Falls to Omaha on I-29, or what color is our grass in February? As a nation, and as a people, we will likely never be the same.

In honor of its short, but robust life, here’s a recap of some of its most iconic moments.

Right…weather balloon…right
Hell Yeah, dude…
This is what I needed

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