Wildly Worded Tweet from Sir Paul McCartney

Do you mean Birthday, Paul?

Saw this tweet today from the Beatles legend, and while I can certainly appreciate a sweet tribute to one’s later mother, never heard someone’s birthday referred to as “anniversary of birth” before. Had to do a quick double take to make sure it didn’t say anniversary of her death which would make more semantical sense. But no, anniversary of birth.

Maybe it’s a British thing, unsure. But where I come from we would usually say, “Today’s my mother’s birthday. Let’s celebrate together.” [Don’t even get me started on him leaving out the apostrophe in “let’s.”]

This is of course very ironic coming from me since I can’t spell nor write, despite needing to much more than Sir Paul does. Anyway, actually a lovely tribute to his late mum, here’s “Let It Be.”

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